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Newfies are beautiful dogs with an intelligent mind, kind soul who only ask for love, and lots of human companionship.  Adding a Newfie to your family is getting more than just a new dog, you are getting a trusted family member, a hard dedicated worker, a protector, and a friend for life...



Heart of Gold Newfoundlands is committed to ethically breeding healthy, sound AKC registered Newfoundland Dogs.

All puppies are placed in pre screened, responsible, loving homes on Limited AKC registration with a spay/neuter contract, a written health warranty and are current on vaccinations and deworming. 

Each puppy deserves the best home where they will receive the same love and care that we give to all of our Newfoundlands. In order for this to be accomplished, any potential family interested in making a commitment to purchasing one of our Newfoundland Puppies must take the time to research the Newfoundland Breed, prior to filling out our pre screen application, to make sure they understand the commitment they are about to make for the entire life of the dog; including but not limited to, "So you think you want a Newfoundland", and the Newfoundland Club of America "You and Your Newfoundland Puppy", reading material. 

It is extremely important to Heart of Gold Newfoundlands that all of our puppy placements are permanent.  We take every effort to make this possible by thoroughly pre screening all potential families and providing pre approved homes with a Puppy Care Package that includes Sire and Dam health clearance paper work, puppy vaccination and deworming records and Do's and Dont's on how to raise your Newfoundland puppy.

Heart of Gold Newfoundlands will always welcome any of our puppies back to our home if their new families are unable to keep them for any reason. Our puppies must never end up in a shelter or rescue.

Heart of Gold Newfoundlands appreciates serious, well educated inquires only.

Shipping is Available within the US and Canada  

With all doors wide open please BE WARNED, Newfies can become addictive and many people have more than one!

Heart of Gold Newfoundlands

AKC Limited Registration: All of my dogs and puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club. The majority of my puppies are sold on Limited AKC registration with a spay/neuter contract.  This means puppies are 100% AKC registered and can be entered in many Agility Trials, Obedience Trials and Water Rescues or used as therapy dogs, etc, but cannot be used in breeding and competitive showing. 





EMAIL: HeartofGoldNewfoundlands@gmail.com