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The below emails are from happy families with puppies from Heart of Gold Newfoundlands.  
The dog named in the emails coincides with the dog name on the photos, on the PHOTO GALLERY page of this website.
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Hi Mallory!  Just wanted to let you know that we all celebrated Rudy's 3rd birthday last week with a walk at the beach and a special dog cake.  Thanks again, for such a great dog. We love our Rudy!!  November 2012



Hi Mallory, Here are the annual (Nov. 2012) Santa pictures for Harley.  He got pretty excited to see Santa so I was surprised to get some good pictures of him. He continues to be the local celebrity at the dog park and it is somewhat embarrassing to have complete strangers know the dog's name.  Early Merry Christmas Judy
Hi Mallory.   Just wanted to send you a picture of our Rudy, who turned 1 year old yesterday.  He is such a wonderful addition to our family and is well known in our neighborhood as well. 
Mallory I wanted to send you some pictures of the pup "Yogi". I also wanted to thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs. Every day is different with this monster. These are about a month old. 4 mos and 55lbs.   
Mallory, Here are some new pictures of Harley.  He got a haircut this week which I think made him look funny but he probably is more comfortable.  He has settled in on a weight of 115.  If he had smarter owners he could probably be a service dog, he barks and comes for us when the phone rings with no training at all.  He had a nice time swimming last week and just loves the water.  He was having daily trips to the dog park to play with his friends, but the heat has put a temporary halt to that.  I think he has learned to tell time.  He runs a tight daily schedule and comes to remind us if we forget it.  


Hi Mallory!    I've been meaning to email you some pictures since we got our beautiful girl last January 2009, and I am just now getting around to it!       Attached to this email are some pictures of Doña's adventures with us in the last year.  She loves sitting on our paddle boards and going for cruises around the bay, she loves sitting on our boat and going sailing, she comes with us on vacation - down to visit Zack's parents in San Diego and camping up in Oregon (where she got to meet our friend's HUGE newf named Tugboat who inspired us to get a newfie!), she loves swimming at the beach, and in rivers, and puddles, and her waterbowl, and sprinklers, and the bathtub... she loves the water!  I also attached my favorite puppy picture of her climbing over a lawn chair in our backyard with a tennis ball in her mouth - and she really looks like a little bear!I can't tell you how happy we are with her!  And she is growing up so well!  She is still kind of "small" (for a newfie) - almost 90 pounds at 10 months, but we get comments everywhere we go about how beautiful she is.  People literally stop their cars and say "Is that a newfoundland?  I didn't know they could be brown, she's beautiful!"  She's easy to train and is so mellow, except every night at 11pm she gets the "11 o'clock crazies" and goes nuts - but she is wonderful!Thanks again for sending us our puppy!         
Mallory, here are some pictures of Harley.  He is hard to take pictures of, just moves too fast.  He is doing very well.  His favorite things are ice cubes and the dog park.  We have really enjoyed him, and he is well-liked around the neighborhood.   
Hi Mallory:  Just wanted to update you on Duncan.  Our little guy is a bundle of energy. He doesn't seem to know the word relax or sleep. He is really full of shit. He wants to always be in the same room as us and never misses a beat. He is very smart, he already knows sit, down, where is your ball and his name. I am going to enroll him in puppy classes real soon, so he can get socialized with other dogs. He has had a few play dates with some friends and seems to want to take over the situation. So we need to nip this in the bud real early. When he does settle down (which is not too often) he is very loving and wants to sit in your lap or crawl up beside you on the floor. He loves everyone, except the German Shepard behind our house. I explained to him not to take this situation on until he could handle it. Ha Ha.        Thanks again for this wonderful new addition to our family. 
Hi Mallory, Thought I'd send you some more pictures of Rudy.  He's really thriving and is behaving exactly as a puppy should.  It's been a learning experience for all of us but it is an even  happier household now that he is a part of it. We can really notice him getting comfortable in his new home and he is just so darn sweet.  He is a smart little guy, learns fast and grows every week.  We love him so much!
Hi Mallory, Zack and I are more in love with our little baby than ever!  She didn't cry at all last night, just slept quietly on her new bed next to our bed.  She had fun playing in the hose today - she loves the water and I think she is enjoying the warmer weather!  We tried to take her for a little walk around the block, but only made it 3 houses away because all of the neighbors ran out to ooh and ahh over her.  One of them is looking into a new puppy (they have a 13 year old Bernese Mountain Dog), and they asked if there were any left in her litter.... I gave her your website.  And it is official - her name is Doña.  In spanish it means respected lady or matriarch, and I learned at work today that it means "mighty world" in arabic, and then a little googling has revealed that it can also mean "dark-skinned" (she's brown!) and "rules all".  So while the spelling kind of dictates the meaning (Donia, Donya, or Doña) all of the meanings seem to fit for this little lady! I won't email you every day forever, but we feel so lucky to have her!  Zack and I were laughing today that if we could have designed a puppy piece by piece, she would be it.  We love the dark brown coat, her barely there little white spot on her chest and between her toes, her light eyes, and her amazing calm, intelligent, and fun temperament.   Thank you! 
Mallory-  We are so thankful to have found you and the newest addition to our family!  We have named her Moxee, and she is doing quite well.  She chases after our son Zander, and loves to give kisses.  Moxee likes her baths too!  We have already started working with a trainer here at our home as well. She is learning to sit, drop, and come this week.  I have attached a few pictures of our first week at home, and we will be sending you more as time goes by so that you may see her grow.  Again, thank you so much. We absolutely adore her!
Hi Mallory!  Wow, our little Royer is already two years old and he has absolutely stolen our hearts.  I haven’t written in a long time, so I thought I’d give you a quick update on how our Newfy is doing.  Although he is 2-years-old, he is still quite playful.  He enjoys weekly play dates with Boozer (lab), Lucy (golden retriever), Brit (chow mix), and Jake (lab mix).  They are just the best of friends and do a great job wearing each other out.  The heat has been nasty, so exercising has been at a minimum here lately.  I can tell Royce is getting cabin fever and wants to be outside.  We’ll play in the swimming pool as much as possible on hot days.
Thanks again for bringing us the joy of our life!
Hi Mallory- You’ve been on our mind lately and Courtney wanted to say hello.  Tessa is doing wonderful and we are always so happy to see her picture on your website.  She is the best dog we’ve ever had.  I have begun getting information from the Delta society to help make her into a therapy dog so we’ll let you know how that goes.  We were waiting for her to get her puppy wiggles out to really pursue that and she is about ready.  We have two Newfoundland friends that come over to play with her on a weekly basis so that works great for all of us.  Newfy play dates are regular at our house.  We’ll have to take some new pictures.  Most of all, we just wanted to say hello and hope you and the dogs are doing well. 
Hi Mallory, Don't have any pictures for you just yet, but wanted to drop you a line and let you know Gracie is doing wonderful. We have been very happy with how she has fit into our family. Gracie gets along well with our three year old daughter and with our other pets. It amazes me how happy and accepting she is.
I have to say, the best part has been how she has responded to training. Gracie isn't quite potty trained yet, but seems to be getting the picture. Nevertheless, Gracie can already sit, come, lay down, get up, and speak on command. We have started to take her out to the lake in order to teach her to swim and get her comfortable with the water. If she takes to the water well, we may start looking at getting her into water rescue, especially since training has come so easy.
Needless to say, she is getting big. Some days it seems like she grows drastically over night. We have been very happy with her and every time we go out people have been asking us where we got her. Hope you don't mind referrals. :) Thanks again and I will update you again in the future. Hopefully with some pictures.
Hi Mallory,  We have neglected sending updates about Lily to you for far too long, but we just wanted to let you know she is doing fantastic.  Her hernia disappeared all on it's own long before her spay surgery, which we had done soon after she turned 6 months.  We have had no problems whatsoever, health, behavior and otherwise.  She has made lots of friends on her morning walks, with our neighbor dogs and at the dog park.  She also likes to "play" with our cat, Bruce. One more thing, I didn't know Newfoundlands were so good at fetch.  When her orange basketball comes out, it is the only thing she sees!             Thanks for such a wonderful dog!
Hi Mallory!  Oh my goodness, we could not be more pleased with our new little guy!!!  The car ride went great.  Puppy was very good the entire ride.  We stopped about an hour into the drive and he went to the bathroom and then ran right back to the car.  It was perfect :) !   Once we got him home, we got him acquainted to the two kitties of the house.  Our female is a little reluctant to give him the time of day, but she is normally really shy and to herself.  Our male showed him who was boss by following him around and hissing at him.  Puppy did great and just ignored the negative vibes.  Finally, Lucky (our male cat) decided that wasn't needed anymore and he quit.   Nick absolutely fell in love with him.  Once he saw him, he decided what we should name him.  We decided on the name Royce.  I hadn't even thought of that name, but once I heard it, it just fit him.  It's strong, yet gentle.  I was so glad to finally have a name to call him.  Shortly after meeting his family, Royce got acquainted to some of the neighbors.  They were all very impressed and just fell in love instantly!  Royce is pretty good at melting hearts...as you're already aware.       I will definitely send you some pictures.  I cannot thank you enough for all you've done.  You've made this experience so special for us.  You have provided superior customer service and a beautiful puppy!  I will definitely recommend you to all the future Newfoundland owners I come across.  I am pretty confident that as more people get to meet Royce, they will to decide they need one of their own.      Thanks again, Mallory, and I wish you all the best with the rest of the puppies!  
Dear Mallory,   We just absolutely love our "Daisy". We have had her for one week now & the whole family is just head over heels for her. She is a fast learner & delights us all day with her cute puppy antics. She has a perfect disposition & is the sweetest puppy we have ever come across. Each day is like Christmas with her! Thanks so much for breeding such fabulous dogs. We sure appreciate getting a pup from such a conscientious breeder. We know that we have a very healthy pup with a very sweet disposition. Thanks again Mallory.



EMAIL: HeartofGoldNewfoundlands@gmail.com